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PALEOdISH last minute gift guide 2016!

December 19, 2016

Disclaimer: It’s last minute! What can I say…that’s how I roll. This post is fluff free. Headings + point form. Having said that though, this guide is packed full of interesting and useful gift ideas!!! I hope this gives all the last minute shoppers of the world some inspiration. The goal is to spark something in your mind after reading/scanning this…in hopes of helping you find the perfect gift for someone special in your life!

Gift an ‘experience!’

Gifting an experience always makes me feel so good! It usually ends up being something that the person you are buying for, wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. Surprising someone with an experience kind of gift can be a perfect fit for couples or families to enjoy has a duo or group!!! Whether it be going on a paintballing day where you use the best paintball markers and paint up the place in a rugged area, or soaking in a pampering at a spa day, experiences are pretty great. Of ya…and sometimes, you can enjoy it with them too! BONUS!!! This usually comes in the form of a gift card/certificate or some form of membership. out some of my ideas below…


  • musical/theatre/ballet (single show or season subscription)
  • concert
  • comedian show
  • sports team game
  • lecture series


  • cooking classes
  • knife skills workshop
  • meat butchering seminar
  • wine making/tasting/paring class
  • beer making/tour
  • meal/food delivery service (one time/monthly)
  • favourite restaurant (night out!)


  • float therapy
  • spa treatment/day
  • manicure/pedicure
  • dance classes
  • yoga classes
  • night/weekend getaway
  • massage/reflexology
  • meditation class
  • gym membership
  • course/workshop of interest


  • skydiving
  • hot air balloon
  • escape room
  • ax throwing
  • rock climbing
  • obstacle facilities
  • ziplining
  • CN Tower EdgeWalk


  • art classes (painting, pottery, glass, jewellery making)
  • magazine subscription
  • Amazon Prime subscription
  • cleaning service

Gift ‘a thing!’

If ‘gifting an experience’ isn’t your thing, give them something that they can physically hold in their hands or see with their eyes. You know what I mean…an object, a gift that is an item. You can often use sites like Raise to save a buck in the process with a coupon!

For the food lover:

  • FOOD! (mustard, spices, oils/vinegars, fancy salt, homemade baked goods, chocolate, nuts, meats, seeds, fermented products), cooking apron, tea towels, travel cutlery set, coffee, aeropress, chemex, herbal tea, electric kettle, Le Creuset, cast iron skillet, spiralizer, food processor, cutlery, measuring cups, bowls, serving platters, lunch bag/cooler, glass food containers, Instantpot pressure cooker, cookbooks, cutting/charcuterie board.

For the homebody:

  • slippers, housecoat, a nice pair of silk pajamas, a throw blanket, pillow, duvet, candles, oil diffuser, salt lamp, books, bath products, puzzle, board game, eye mask, blackout blinds, journal/notebook, pens, colouring book, markers/pencil crayons

For the outdoorsy or always cold person (like me!):

  • blanket scarf, toque, mittens, boots, long johns, jacket, ear warmers/muffs, travel mug, electric blanket, wooly sweater, travel/overnight bag, leg warmers, hiking/camping gear, outdoor sports equipment

For the gym rat/fitness/health enthusiast:

  • jump rope, medicine ball, water bottle, yoga mat, water bottle, water filtration system, hair ties, hair bands, Qalo ring, tights, tanks, running shoes, hoodies, Fitbit, weights, kettle bell, standing desk, wireless ear bugs, heart monitor watch, gym bag, exercise bands, foam roller, shaker cup, protein powder, supplements

For the techy person:

  • laptop, headphones, cases, covers, speakers, tv, tablet, phone, camera, cord clip, portable charger, backpack, bags, blue-blocker glasses, cases, covers, defender shields

Other stuff! Total randomness.

  • artwork, watch, furniture, home decor, Neon Mama signs, plants, flowers, planners, make-up, beauty products/skin care, jewellery, meditation ring, wall hangings, mugs, flasks and more!!!

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