straight from the horse’s mouth…

June 3, 2011

Okay…okay…it’s not a horse, but I couldn’t resist. Photo courtesy of Dana from – Thatcher Farms. Not gonna lie…this post has been sittin’ in draft mode for a few weeks now. Gathering info….and updating testimonials…Having said this, I just couldn’t leave it there anymore! Great things are in the works. So many wonderful ideas are a brewin’…I can’t say much more as of now, but let’s just say I am as ‘giddy as a school girl!’

At work today, there was an overwhelming sense of paleo love! Three co-workers are now currently givin’ paleo a go, and two others are seriously contemplating! I will update ASAP. For me, the paleo lifestyle is not a religion or somethin’ I preach/impose upon people. However, I would be totally fibbin’ if I didn’t say that I get totally pumped when people agree to givin’ ‘er for 30 days…just to see…To be honest…the less I talk about it…the more people want to know.

Without further ado…I would like to introduce you to Darcie….(a long time family friend)

I have been sitting on this gem called Paleo for about a year now, but everyone knows there is a t ime and a place to start something new. My time was mid March 2011. I knew I had to give Paleo a try. I am 5’3 and was sitting at 175lbs…… I was what they say obese! So my cooking adventure began…and I will tell you, I am not a kitchen girl AT ALL!!! For me Paleo has changed my life for the better, in 10 short weeks I have lost 18lbs…5.5 inches off my waist, 2.5 inches off my hips and 3 inches off both my thighs!!!!. I sleep better, I have a tons of energy throughout the day and I am just an all around happier girl, and who knew….. I can cook, and I love it! Paleo for me is not a fad diet, it is a life style and its in my life forever! Cindy thank you so much for introducing me to Paleo, its something everyone should try, it’s life changing!!

Aren’t convinced? Well…maybe you will believe the next 35 people who have seen dramatic results from ‘eating paleo’ Here are their testimonial words – “straight from the horse’s mouth!” All quotes have been directed as comments on my blog or emailed by individuals on a personal level. Thank you for this!

Seriously, what do you have to lose? Give it the good ol’ college try for at least 30 days! My guess, is that you will never look back!!! And…I quote…

  • Migraine free!
  • For me, fat loss!!! 60lbs and counting. I ‘feel’ better overall haven’t been sick for a year.
  • I started the diet so I would feel better, my joints haven’t felt this good in 18 years!! The weight loss is a very nice bonus! 🙂
  • Better sleep and no more acne. Also, being so much more in tune with my body, if I eat something I shouldn’t have I know INSTANTLY. I love that…
  • My multiple sclerosis has been in remission and totally asymptomatic since going paleo about 7 months ago and I’ve lost 23 pounds.
  • I barely have to take any insulin! My doctors can take that and shove it!
  • Feeling better in general.
  • 10kg+ weight loss and enjoying the challenge.
  • I’m happier!
  • It cured my PCOS!
  • Not just the physical appearance and weight loss, but my dreams have been intense!!! Not sure why, but I relax easier and my dreams are more vivid and intense than I can ever remember.
  • I’d have to say, overall good feeling, no more full bloated feeling after eating..of course the weight loss is a nice perk too. With my workouts added to it, I feel much stronger and healthier.
  • More energy in the gym, a little fat loss, and noticeable muscle gain as well as significant maximal strength gains. I never bought milk anyway, but just taking out the rice and oatmeal, which are typical “bodybuilding” carb sources, and eating alot more fruit in it’s place has made a world of difference.
  • Aside from 30 lbs of fat falling off in 5 months and my health vastly improving my mind and memory are much better.
  • Lost 44 pounds and counting & feel better: physically, mentally & emotionally than I have in years.
  • I became a wicked awesome cook. (“big ass pot of chili” being one of my all time favorites!)
  • 7lb weight-loss in 3 weeks, less bloated, and I as well have become one hell of a cook!!! : ) thanks for the introduction Cindy!!! ; )
  • I’ve just started it but already lost almost 15 pounds! But I really wanted to try it to cure my PCOS and acne issues.
  • Coupled with my Crossfit workouts, I’ve lost enough weight and inches to really feel great! No more sluggishness in the early afternoon, more energy, better complexion, and a strong aversion to foods that are packaged in boxes! 😉
  • It will take time, but it will help with PCOS. Don’t give up. I too forgot to mention no migraines, PCOS symptoms AND I too am a fabulous cook. In fact, now I love to cook. Almost 40 and have never, ever even liked to cook, let alone enjoy & love it!
  • 63lbs and a new wardrobe.
  • I have only been doing Paleo a week, but I feel sooo much better. I have not lost any weight, and I do have about 30 or 40 lbs to lose but my head feels clearer and my workouts are a little easier. I also have PCOS which can make my periods quite painful. Even though only little bleeding can be seen on my ladies pad, my hormones are a mess, and I have been dieting hard for 2 years with little success. Thank you all for your wonderful stories!
  • My daughter finally nagged me enough to eat paleo that I decided to “eat clean” for 30 days just to prove to her that it wouldn’t work for me. This was Thanksgiving 2010. I have lost 40 pounds and people tell me I look at least 10 years yo…unger. I have stolen most of my daughters lulu lemon to wear to the gym and i have no problem keeping up with my three grandchildren. Recently I was on holiday for 2 weeks and didn’t worry about what I ate. I didn’t gain any weight but I did start to have back pain, knee pain and also my wrists started to hurt and waking up every night with numbness and tingling in my hands. Funny I had even forgotten what it was like to be woken up each night three or four times with the pain and numbness. Back eating paleo again- and everything is better !!!
  • I’ve always dreaded the nightly “what should we eat for dinner”. I would always pick eating out because I thought it was easier and tastier. Now I find myself driving home after work dreaming of what I am going to go home and make with my… organic fresh ingredients. All my cravings for junk food are gone. I feel and look better too! This is definitely a way of life and not a diet I fear will end and I will go back to how I use to be.
  • No food-comas!
  • This might sound gross, but it really is something that I’ve noticed…I have virtually no gas/stomach discomfort – except when I have cheat days, so I know the paleo is making me feel better. I also don’t stress about what to eat as much now. I’m still struggling a bit with cravings except now they are cravings for salty and buttery things like tortilla chips and popcorn!
  • No more 6x trips a year to the emergency room for intestinal and stomach issues. No more ulcers, celiac, or fibromyalgia. Oh yeah, and 45lbs of FAT gone!
  • I feel more energy.
  • I feel more energy, too, and have better skin. Another thing that sounds like a small thing, but is a big thing for me: I’ve gotten stronger in my core & legs, and don’t have to use my arms to push myself up, like from the communion rail at church, among other places.
  • I don’t feel so groggy in the morning. I used to be a two or three cup of coffee kinda girl with sweet and low and creamer. Now I pour myself a cup every morning ( old habits die hard) and I never finish it. Also.. no
    more love handles, that was one area i could never exercise away.. and they just disappeared!
  • I’ve been able to lose weight all while not counting calories and eating lots of meat and fat… Im a happy girl!
  • Functional. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Depression-gone. Fatigue-gone. Brain fog-gone. Figure back-yahoo! I have been reborn at nearly 54!
  • Not getting sick – even when exposed to all my nieces and nephews who are kind of always sick! Also the stable energy levels during the day, and the weirdest thing: I’ve had a ganglion cyst on my wrist for nearly 10 years. After starting paleo, noticeably diminished in size.
  • 40 lbs with almost no effort besides changing diet!!
  • Tons of energy and a flat belly!

Need I say more??? If you are suffering from an auto-immune disease, than there is a good chance paleo is the answer. Reduce inflammation, maximize gut health and basically focus on health, fitness and longevity. Thank you to eveyone for sharing the benefits you have noticed since switching to a paleo lifestyle. Much appreciated!

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