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Just Float! How Joe Rogan convinced me.

August 30, 2015

What is sensory-deprivation floating? 

I first heard about sensory-deprivation floating, while listening to ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ (his podcast). This video was the convincing ‘nail in the coffin’ (so to speak), for us to give it a go! I agree with so much of what he explains here – especially after re-watching it again, post-float session.

Our experience at H2O Float Spa, in the open-concept float suite (for two)

The low-down. Short review.


The step-by-step details.


  • start by doing a little google search to find a location in your area
  • check out review sites, such as Yelp to give you an idea of what other people think
  • pick a time that works with your schedule and either book online or by calling directly
  • looking for a deal? Ask them if they are running any promotions or dig around on sites such as Groupon, as sometimes they offer reduced pricing or better rates, if you book multiple floats/sign up for a month membership (however, I would recommend purchasing a single float session first to see if you like it)
  • make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes before your float, as you will have a little bit of paper work to fill out (and you don’t want to feel rushy rush)
  • we packed a little bag with soap, shampoo and conditioner to use before and after the float, but they also had all that available as well
  • bring a comb/brush and any hair products you would like to use after – they have complimentary blow-dryers/diffusers in the change rooms
  • eat a light snack/meal before you go, so you don’t hear your tummy grumbling throughout the float session


  • when we arrived. they welcomed us and gave us a clipboard with a waiver to fill out
  • they then asked us to remove our shoes, and provided us with complimentary flip flops to wear
  • from there, we were given a key for our locker to secure any belongings we had
  • we were then shown down the hallway to the change rooms, where we could undress and put on their big, comfy, white terry cloth robe
  • we locked up in the change room, except our shower products in the baggie that we took along with us
  • after that, we were asked to be seated in this lounge area for a couple minutes, until the float suite was ready
  • be sure to use the bathroom (if needed), before the float!



  • when the pool suite room was ready, we were guided in by a very friendly staff member
  • upon entering the room, you could see it included a large, double pool and an enclosed shower
  • the room and water are kept at a fairly warm temperature, in order to mimic your internal body
  • the gal explained the importance of showering thoroughly, both before, and after the float
  • this location provided us with mouldable wax earplugs to put in our ear to keep the water out
  • when entering the pool, do so with care as the bottom of the tub can be slippery, due to the salt



  • you have the option of wearing a bathing suit or going in the buck (naked)
  • you can also choose whether you wish the room to be in complete darkness (lights out) or with ambient-soft coloured (lights) on in the tub
  • listening to relaxing music while floating is also a nice feature that they offer, to enhance the float – cue nature sounds (bringing in your own playlist on your phone is also sometimes available)
  • to maximize your floating experience, playing around with different arm positions may be helpful, to find most comfort (arms at your side, across your chest, behind your neck etc…)
  • using an inflatable neck pillow is a fabulous option too – see what works best for you
  • don’t touch your face with your wet hands – the salt will sting (they provide spray bottles and clothes to help with this)
  • as you become weightless, you may hear some ‘creaking’ noises of your joints, bones, muscles (don’t be weirded out)
  • once I got comfortable and quieted my mind, I found myself in a super deep, relaxed, gone-to-the world state (we both totally feel asleep!!!)
  • don’t stress if you felt a little uneasy the first time, as it is said to get better every time you float – everyone’s reaction and experience with this varies – be patient and don’t force things!


  • the first thing I asked myself, was ‘how was that possibly 75 minutes?! (it goes by so fast)
  • I woke feeling utterly rested – kinda indescribable really
  • you just feel absolutely RENEWED!!!
  • eases muscle tension and joint pressure
  • worth every penny (in my opinion)
  • you are super salty – a nice shower and we were on our way!

NOTE: We have been back a couple time since…and the each time we go, the experience just keeps getting better and better! 



PS – The information in this article is based on opinion, and is not intended as professional medical advice.

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  • Dr. Lane Sebring October 29, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    I have always wanted to do this, I just never took the time. Maybe this will be the push I need to get out there and try it. Thanks for blow by blow of what to expect.

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