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May 28, 2010

Yes, yes I know that  most people associate me with those restful weekend mornings, when you wake later and have time to spare.  Folks, if you feel like you are too rushed to whip me up during the weekdays…think again.  I promise, I will only take seconds…well okay maybe minutes.  I am not only healthy, tasty, but overly simplistic (shhhh..don’t tell bacon- I think he has a crush on me.)

Heck why don’t you get even more creative and bold and throw me in the brekkie rotation at least once or twice a week?  That’s what Cindy and Dustin have done, and they couldn’t be more pleased.  I hear them rave about the fact that I can be launched in there in a pinch, when nothing else in the fridge is calling their name.  Oh ya, word also has it that they regularly enjoy me as “breakfast for dinner”, because I am a “no-brainer”.  Don’t worry, I don’t take offense, but am rather flattered to lend them a hand when life becomes busy.  Besides, instead of a brain, I have a yolk that contains protein, fat and other nutrients.  Eat me up, without hesitation, yolk and all! (By the way, don’t believe all the “claims” you have heard about our yellow centers)

I don’t want to “toot my own horn”, but I have been told I am very social and get along well with many.  I am comforted in the company of bacon, sausage, avocado, salsa, sliced fruits and grilled veggies…  Take your pick, but please don’t be shy to indulge and greet my high protein compadres.  You won’t be disappointed!  Lastly, rumour has it that Cindy’s co-workers think she is perhaps overly “egg-static” about hard-boiled eggs for a snack at work.  Her friend Susie started her off and has fueled this addiction.  Now let’s just say we are a common face that is being cracked all over the counter-tops in the staffroom these days.  Word about our fulfilling and satisfying nature have caught on.  We usually travel in packs of 12, sometimes 6.  Pick us up this weekend and see what you can do.

Yours truly,

Mademoiselle Oeuf

(alter ego)— aka…scrambled egg, hard boiled egg, omelet, frittata, poached egg, pickled egg, fried egg…well you get the point!

super quick & easy scrambled eggs
Recipe Type: main, breakfast
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Yield: 2
  • 6 eggs
  • coconut/olive oil- to cook
  • 1-2 avocado- sliced
  • 6 small tomatoes (medley)- cut in half
  • splash of water
  • splash of hot sauce (ISH)- optional
  • fresh ground pepper to taste (optional)
  1. begin by cracking all the eggs into a large bowl and add in a splash of water (helps to make them fluffy!)
  2. next whisk together thoroughly
  3. add oil to pan and heat on low/medium
  4. then pour beaten egg mixture into pan
  5. as the eggs cook, use a spatula to scramble them (they don't take long, so keep a close eye)
  6. when cook, plate and top with sliced chunks of avocado
  7. garnish with halved tomatoes on the side
  8. also, as a side (which is not in the photo) we cooked up some peameal bacon to go along with it
  9. enjoy!
Final thoughts...scrambled eggs are one of the quickest and easiest on-the-go meals to prepare. Try adding different types of veggies and meats to your egg scramble for a change as well. Don't forget about tossing in some spices and finishing with fresh herbs if you are in the mood! This adds a nice touch!!!

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