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The Eve of ‘Frugal Paleo’

December 1, 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting Ciarra back in August at the Ancestral Health Symposium at University of California, Berkeley. She is the talented gal behind the site Popular Paleo. She was so enjoyable to be around. Completely glowing and full of energy. Her passion for cooking and eating healthful food beams as you get chatting with her. During that time, we got talking about her upcoming book. I loved the concept right away, as I knew it would be of help to many. Eating amazing food on a budget (without skimping on taste and quality) well….that is just pure genius.

Fast forward 3 months to now! That time has arrived, and I couldn’t be more excited for her. Having just gone through this same experience myself, it just makes me so pumped for her to release her first book….tomorrow (RELEASE DATE: DEC 2/14!!!) ‘As visions of sugar plums danced in their heads…’  (Ciarra will be dreaming of ‘Brussels Sprout Hash’, ‘Ginger Peach Pulled Pork’ and ‘Tex -Mex Casserole’, as she crawls into the sheets tonight!)

I can imagine the feelings of anticipation will be like a child on Christmas Eve. Without further gabbing from me…go order your copy tonight to receive some sweet deals from Ciarra. You seriously DO NOT want to miss this opportunity. Read more about all of this below and check on the bonus recipe too!!!


The Frugal Paleo Cookbook shows everyone how to eat well and eat well within their means, by maximizing time in the kitchen, avoiding waste and preparing delicious food that you actually want to eat. You won’t find pretentious food here; only easily accessible ingredients, prepared using approachable cooking methods and in ways that prioritize saving time, effort and sanity!


For those on the Paleo diet, one of the biggest concerns isn’t the variety but the price. Luckily, Ciarra Hannah, creator of, has 100 easy, wallet-friendly Paleo recipes that’ll feed the whole family.

Ciarra uses flavorful but less expensive cuts of meat in traditional yet approachable cooking methods, as well as her roll-forward technique for creating multiple dishes to maximize your time in the kitchen. You’ll love her keys to budgeting, tips for making items ahead of time, 5-ingredients-or-less seasoning blends and other money-saving pointers.

Ciarra offers an incredible and practical selection of Paleo dishes for everyday eating including Tequila Carnitas, Stupid Easy Asian Beef, Chicken & Chorizo Stew, Cuban Tilapia in Mojo and
 Tater Tot Casserole with Sweet Potato Tater Tots! So, if you’re loving the Paleo diet but hating the amount of money you spend each month, this book is a must-have. Save your money, enjoy tasty grain-free meals and be healthy!

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Here’s the skinny with the pre-order bonus package. Anyone who pre-orders the book gets all of this stuff along with it when they click HERE! Since the pre-order discount takes the book to like $13.50, it’s a great deal! PLUS>>>AN EXTRA 30% OFF!!!

– 20 Frugal Finds at Costco
– 10 Paleo Diet Myth Busters
– 7 Special Offers from Barefoot Provisions, Tx Bar Organics grass-fed beef, Fat Face Skincare, Pure Indian Foods, WholeMe, Exo Protein Bars, and 50% off PrimalPal—the best online meal planner out there!

IF you aren’t already convinced…here is an incredible bonus recipe that Ciarra has offered to share with all of you from your new cookbook. These are honestly to die for. The crispy crunch of these tater tots brought me right back to my youth. Total comfort food, made healthy. They were super easy to make…and definitely didn’t last long in our house!!!


Sweet Potato Tater Tots
I’d like to say that I came up with these sweet potato tater tots for my kids, but we all know the truth. Adults love these just as much as kids do! Tater Tots are an irresistible crunchy side dish, which can actually be made Paleo-friendly thanks to a couple of sweet potatoes—not yams—and some good-quality oil for frying.
  • 2 to 2.5 lbs (908 g to 1.1 kg) yellow sweet potatoes (not yams)
  • ½ cup (118 mL) Paleo-friendly fat (I prefer lard, duck fat, avocado oil or coconut oil)
  • pinch of salt (I like coarse-grain Celtic sea salt)
  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F (204°C). Wash the sweet potatoes and poke a few times with a fork. Place the sweet potatoes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 35 to 40 minutes. Carefully remove from the oven and set aside to cool to room temperature. This will take a few hours, so plan ahead.
  2. When the potatoes are cool enough to handle, remove the skin. It should easily slide off when you drag the back of a butter knife across it. Discard the peels.
  3. Using a box grater, shred the sweet potatoes. The potatoes should be somewhat sticky from having the intrinsic sugars activated from the baking. In fact, it’s the natural sugars from the sweet potatoes that act as the binder for the tot.
  4. Use a tablespoon or something comparable to scoop out spoonfuls of shredded potato. Working one at a time, roll the potatoes back and forth in the palm of your hand a few times, then squish the ends flat to create the classic tater tot shape. Continue working until all the potato is used up.
  5. Now move to frying the newly formed tots. I like to use an 8-inch (20-cm) cast-iron skillet because it is narrow with high-sides. This means less oil is needed, which saves money. There is some flexibility between which Paleo-friendly oil to select, but in general animal-based fats will yield a better flavor, so my vote is for lard from pastured pigs or duck fat. In the event you don’t have these on hand, avocado oil works great—as does coconut oil. Avoid oils with low smoke points like olive or bacon drippings. They won’t fry properly.
  6. Melt or heat your chosen fat in a small, high-sided pan at just shy of high heat. Don’t max out your dial, but get it pretty close.
  7. When the oil is hot, fry 5 or 6 tots at a time, working in batches. Frying only a few at a time will keep the oil temperature stable. This means the tots will have a crispy outside and a creamy inside.
  8. Each side only requires about a minute or so to brown, so keep a close eye on the tots and always be ready to turn and/or remove them. The end caps don’t generally need frying since the oil level is likely high enough to brown the edges.
  9. Once the Tater Tots are golden brown, remove them from the oil and transfer to a surface lined with paper towels to drain. Repeat until all of the tots are cooked.
  10. Season with salt (I like coarse-grain Celtic sea salt on these) and maybe a sprinkling of House Seasoning (from page 187 of the book) for an extra kick. Serve with your favorite Paleo dipping sauce or use these to make Paleo Hotdish (on page 48 of the book)—more commonly known as Tater Tot Casserole.

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