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the ‘boareo’ cookie

March 12, 2011

Choose your own adventure. You decide.

Read: (a) the super short version  (b) the short-ish version or (c) the rambling long version…
(a)  Eat meat and good fat!  Veggies too.  Not processed garbagio.  So, without further ado, I introduce to you…the ‘boareo’ cookie.  Guacamole between wild boar meat.  THE END!

(b)  Since starting to eat ‘Paleo’ (almost 3 years ago now), I have totally eliminated pretty much every single dessert you could think of from my diet.  When I want something sweet, I turn to mixed berries or dark chocolate.  Usually though, I concentrate on eating meat, fish/seafood and fat.  Simple.  Easy.  Satisfying.  So, without further ado, I introduce to you…the “boreo” cookie.  This is what a cookie looks like in my world.  I used the wild boar sliders and some fresh guacamole to create this yummy treat.  These are fantastic little appetizers.  I repeat…all you need is guacamole and meat to make these tiny sandwiches.  Yep it’s true, that is all!  Ask yourself…why not eat this…rather than THIS!?!?  THE END!

(c) A couple weekends ago we took a wee trip downtown to the St. Lawrence Market.  This is one of our fav ‘good morning’ weekend adventure hot spots.  The key is to get there early, as this place is near packed by noon.  You can ‘be in and out like nobody’s business’ if you are up at the crack of dawn, or can embrace the ‘hustle n’ bustle’ style atmosphere if you visit later on in the day.  Either way, you will have access to loads of wicked vendors, who are selling a plethora of amazing foods.  We are so fortunate to have this resource in our city.  Adding a ‘Trader’s Joe’s’ to the scene would just make Toronto the ‘cat’s a$$’…anyhoo (continued wishful thinking)!

Uncharacteristic of our usual stroll avec americano in hand, this trip was somewhat different.  Drove downtown, arrived there and “The Duster” waited in the car as I just ran in.  We had a birthday party to go to that day and were running behind, so I had to be ‘snappy’.  As I hopped out of the car, Dusty bellowed….”get lotsa meat!”  If you haven’t already noticed…I LOVE MEAT.  Crave it…well, all the time.  Beef, chicken, pork…you name it… I LOVE it all…or do I?!?!  (cue sound effects…dun…dun…dun)  Have I really even touched the surface of all good that is out there in this department?!  As I perused the aisles of the market, I realized that there are just so many different types of meat I have NOT tried, as of yet. 

Without further thought, I set off to buy some carnivorous treats.  I decided to buy some which were ‘virgin’ to us…and give them a go!   Whitehouse Meats  was my first stop.  At that counter I picked up some wild boar and bison sliders.  So much variety of meat to choose from – venison, elk, buffalo, kangaroo, wild rabbit, musk ox…just to name a few.  Also, an extensive list of game birds such as, pheasant, quail, duck, goose, partridge, squab and Guinea fowl.  We absolutely love experimenting with trying new foods.  I have committed to trying something new within the food realm every week.  Cooking various kinds of organ meat  is going to be a next attempt for me in the kitchen.  Stay tuned for upcoming reviews and recipes about this. 

Slightly dizzy from the crowd and definitely salivating, I was done.  Within 13 minutes, I was strollin’ back to the car with a bag, filled with MEAT.  Lotsa bacon, a pork roast, the sliders, sausages, several chicken breasts, as well as some thighs.  Got back in the car.  Dusty smiled from ear to ear, as he took a peek in the bag, as he drove away.  We even enjoyed some delicious back bacon in the car on the way home.  Yummers! 


  • meat sliders or mini burgs  (homemade or pre-made/store bought) – can use various meats
  • guacamole


  • put sliders in pan and cook on medium heat
  • turn and cook until desired
  • let cool for several minutes on a plate or wire rack
  • when cool, take one slider and top with a spoonful of guacamole
  • then, take the other slider and gently press to form the ‘boreo’ cookie
  • arrange on a plate
  • enjoy!


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  • Kat March 22, 2011 at 12:10 am

    I love St. Lawrence Market! I work fairly closely and usually go during the week on my breaks. It’s significantly less busy and I love to walk around and look at all the meat and produce. Di Lisio’s has some of the best Lamb and their duck fat is really good. Witteveen Meats is also excellent. I usually pick up fish or seafood once per week as well. The organic grocer downstairs is excellent and I get my eggs from the organic grocer on the main floor. Such a great place, I could go on about it forever 🙂

  • Josee Quenneville April 3, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    So original Cindy….I love these…A must try..

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