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1 meat mix = 6 dishes

July 28, 2011

MMMMMMMMM…meat!!!  This type of meat mix is a definite ‘staple’ at our place.  It is very affordable, super convenient to whip up and is basically ready in no time.  The other great thing about this mix is that it serves as a solid foundation for so many other meal ideas (sidebar – on occasion, we have been known to just eat it lone-star styles, as photographed above).  Have fun with it and I hope you enjoy creating and eating the various recipes that I have to share with you today!

To create this, all you need to do is grab your favourite type of ground meat (beef, bison, chicken, pork etc) from grass-fed/pasture raised animals is ideal, but don’t let this be your deal breaker.  Next, throw in some chopped veggies and season with your favourite herbs and spices.  Cook it all together on the stovetop…and you are laughing.  I usually brown the meat first by itself and remove.  Then, I continue by sauteing the veggies…and follow by re-adding the meat to the pan, while spicing it up as desired.

Start by getting a large quantity of good quality ground meat, so you have lots on-hand that can be used across a variety of meals.  Alright, enough banter…continue on by reading below to find out how to transform this meat mix into 6 different and delicious Paleo dishes, that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

First up, we have…

Meaty Taco Salad (full recipe post)

Short version:  if you are looking at the photograph, it is pretty easy to figure out how to create this bad boy.  Start by getting a variety of fresh greens.  Layer it up, by arranging them on the plate first.  Next, take a few huge spoonfuls of the meat mix and load that on top.  To add extra deliciousness, top with either store-bought or homemade salsa and finally some guacamole.  It looks so pretty doesn’t it?  Don’t be fooled…that presentation doesn’t last long, as this little number gets scarfed down quicker than two shakes of a monkey’s tail.  Oh…I should note, before I plated the mixed greens, I tossed them in a homemade balsamic/citrus vinaigrette dressing.  You can do the same too!  Adds a nice touch to this very satisfying meal.  PS – I have also topped it with some salsa Verde and that was incredible as well!

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce (full recipe blog post)

Short version: okay…so you’ve had your meaty taco salad for lunch (and LOVED it BTW) but, are left with loads of leftover meat mix and not sure what to do with it!?!  Well, as a former, non-believer in the the usefulness of leftovers, my new self would not even hesitate for a second to toss that in with a homemade marinara sauce to cover some spectacular oven-roasted spaghetti squash.  A spaghetti squash virgin before starting to eat ‘Paleo’, I have to say that this is one of our favourite go-to meals, especially in the autumn and winter months.  So much more excited that boring ‘ol pasta!  What does that stuff even taste like anymore!?! P.S – I recently introduced this to my sister who has started serving up paleo dishes to her family as well, except I mistakenly told her to buy the ‘hour-glass’ shaped squash and she wondered why it it wasn’t coming out ‘stringy’!?  Opps…that’s butternut!! LOL!

Lettuce Canoes (full recipe post)

Short version:  meet L.C. (lettuce canoe)…a close cousin to T.S (taco salad).  Closer than cousins really, but a completely different eating experience.  Not gonna lie, these little buggers can be a wee bit messy to consume, but they are well worth the extra napkin or two…or three!  Hey…why not even bib it up???  Anyways, all you need to do is grab some nice big romaine or boston lettuce leaves, fill with the meat mix and top with whatever your heart desires!  We turned up the heat an extra notch with this number, by dressing them with some hot pickled peppers.  This same concept works extremely well with grilled chicken too!  Add some pickles, beets, radishes, cucumbers, avocado slices etc…to switch things up.  The options here are endless.   P.S – Trust me…you won’t even miss the bread one bit.  They leave you feeling completely full, but minus that nasty bloated feeling from grains.

Deep Dish Egg & Meat Frittata (full recipe blog post)

Short version:  time is moving on, and you have now enjoy lunch, dinner and are now waking up the next day with a gigantic appetite (plus some leftover meat mix – haha).  That spells frittata time folks!  The beauty of this one dish wonder is that a) it requires minimal dishes and b) it is basically a free for all – toss in and use up anything that you may have that is hangin’ out in your fridge.  This brunch style meal is also awesome if you are having people over, but don’t you want to be stuck in the kitchen!  Simply, grab your ingredients, beat lotsa eggs, pour in a pan…then set and forget.  PS – I am always amazed as to how quickly this show-stopper gets gobbled up.  People are fanatical about frittatas.  I like to serve it up with some farmer’s sausage or wild boar bacon on the side.  A dash of hot sauce has been noted as an awesome little finisher on this one as well.  Mixed berries to follow are also a nice touch!

Egg Muffins (full recipe blog post)

These bite-sized (depending on how big your mouth is haha) beauties are a fan favourite amongst children and adults alike.  They are terrific to have prepared and on-hand for those times that you are busy and on the go!  Also, they are extra convenient to pop in your mouth as you are on our way out the door for work.  The ones I have featured in the full blog post above, are assembled as ‘chicken fajita egg muffins’, but this is just one of many different variations.  You can pretty much toss in any leftover meat and diced veggies that you like.  They taste super yummy with the ground beef mixture, as it creates a nice consistency.  Have a go at making these…my guess is your family will love them!

Egg Scramble

Last, but not least…we have a complete no-brainer.  Egg scramble is among the most delicious (although it doesn’t always look so hot in photos), of all the recipes presented here.  I have not written a full recipe blog post on this one, because I think most people know how to whisk and scramble up some eggs on the stove.  I hope so anyways….=P  So, that’s what I did…scrambled up a few eggs in a bowl, adding the meat mix to it and garnished it with some curry spice along the way as it cooked.  Fluffy and flavourful in every bite, this dish is a definite winner in my books.  Finito in 5 mins, which makes it even more wicked!  Get crackin’…

Moral of the Story:

You DO NOT have to re-invent the wheel for every meal.  Take advantage of cooking big portions of meat on the BBQ, in the oven or crock pot…so that you have lots of leftovers to play with.  Finally, I have said this before and will mention it again…try not to over-think and over-complicate each dish.  Go with the flow, with what you have on-hand and also with what is in season.  You will surprise yourself.  Happy cookin’!!!

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