zingy tuna salad

Who says you need mayonnaise??? A fan fav amongst adults and children alike. Perfect for on-the-go lunches! Yesterday I had a huge craving for some tuna salad.  I knew that I had created a yummy concoction of this awhile back and actually thought I had done up a blog post on it!  After searching my own website…I realized that I had in fact just done a quick photo/write-up on my facebook page…with good intentions of turning into a post!  It must have slipped my not-so-good memory.  Having realized this, I then thought what better time than right now!  This tuna salad recipe is just too scrumptious not to share!

I wanted to recall exactly what I had tossed into this dish, so I did a little diggin’ over on FB!  I discovered that I first made this bowl of deliciousness way back in May.  At that time, I had immediately posted a photo (sans recipe) and it prompted the following conversation…

“Does it have a dressing?”

“I’d like to know that too!”

“Looks great!  Ingredients?”

“Totally want details on ingredients . I have become bored with tuna and it sits all by itself in my pantry!!!!”

“Need ingredients! Been craving tuna salad forever! :)”

Me: “Yes! No mayo though…basically I used freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and some rosemary mustard. Then, I finely chopped up some mini cucumber, pickles, red/orange pepper, celery and white/green onion.  After that I seasoned it with loads of ground pepper, freshly chopped dill and sea salt. Finally…added in few dashes of dried pepper flakes. Basically, feel free to use whatever spices/herbs you wish. =) I am going to make tuna lettuce canoes/wraps tomorrow! Oh ya…3ish cans of tuna as well…enjoy!”

“Talk about a major salad!! Lol.”

Me: “P.S…the shredded carrot and radish were last minute additions (after the pic). I noticed them hiding in the veggie crisper afterwards! Hehe…”

“Beautiful! Thanks I’m making this tonight since I have most of these ingredients already! YUM :D.”

“Haha it is a pretty big salad!”

“Adding different veggies to make it a little crunchy is actually a great idea, I had tuna last night for the first time in years.  I had some red onions finely chopped with celery and a couple of dried raisins and it turned out good, I’m def trying this one tonight!  Thanks for the recipe!”

Me: “Hahaha…just to clarify…we didn’t eat this entire thing tonight if that’s was you were thinking.  I like to make a lot at once…then I put it in the glass container (as shown above) and an airtight lid seals it up, so it stays fresh.”

“I would of probably ate it all the same night! NOM NOM NOM!!! Lol.”

“Dammit Cin, Now I have to make one, and I was looking forward to not being in the kitchen today!!! LOL.”

“If you do like the creaminess of traditional tuna salad, I mash up some avocado and mix it in. Delicious!”

Me: “Good call on the avocado…this is what we actually did with the batch we made this week. So yum!”

“Wow what a coincidence, I just made tuna salad today, too!”

Me: “Awesome! I think I will make it again this wkend!  Haha.”

“Me too! It’s such a cheap, versatile, and delicious option.”

“Made this tonight. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!”

Big batch.  Serves lots!

zingy tuna salad
  • 4 cans of tuna
  • 1 lime
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 dill pickles
  • 2 mini cucumbers
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • ½ yellow onion
  • 4 cloves garlic - minced
  • 2 shredded or coined carrot and radish (optional)
  • loads of fresh dill
  • generous amounts of ground pepper and sea salt
  • several spoons of mustard (I used Kozliks' rosemary)
  • a few splashes of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • a dash or two of dried chili flakes or hot sauce (optional)
  1. basically take all your cans of tuna, open them up and pour it into a large bowl
  2. next, take all the veggies and finely chopped them all and toss into the mix
  3. add in your mustard, herbs and spices
  4. then, drizzle with the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and the juice from squeezed lemon/lime
  5. once you have combined all your ingredients, mix thoroughly with a fork
  6. sprinkle with dried chili flakes or a few splashes of hot sauce
  7. enjoy!
P.S. - this dish is super wicked because you can eat it on it's own, over a bed of mixed greens, in a "lettuce canoe" or even throw it on-top of some eggs. Also, it has some serious zing and is even better the next day, after being in the fridge all night. Perfect to take in lunches as well!!!


homemade chicken wings

If you take a wee looksy back at my post from a few days ago, you will find the wild boar bacon wrapped Cajun sweet potato wedges.  Quite the mouthful eh?  That’s just the way some recipes are meant to roll! Perhaps the longest name for a recipe ever! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(ish). This meal was extremely well-rounded! Basically, a feast of sorts! As a yummy side dish, we had a nice serving of the cabage, carrot and cucumber slaw.  Finally, to round out this delicious meal…we decided to chef up our own homemade chicken wings.

I love wings…and not sure why this was my first time attempting them.  Whenever I crave to have them, I suppose it is usually when we are out and about, therefore ordering up restaurant styles.  These were a huge hit with us.  We bought 2 pounds of wings from Rowe Farms to do up…and upon fully stripping the meat off the last bone, we were left wishing we had bought more!

Not too much more needs to be said about these wings, except you really need to give them a go.  Quick, simple and super flavourful.  Although all sorts of versions can be created here, we stuck to ‘dry rub’ ones.  We divided the wings onto 2 baking pans and did half Cajun flavoured and the other half mixed herb.  With minimal ingredients needed, get to it and whip some up for your family this weekend.  Warning…there may be a fight over who gets the last one! Mmmmmm…finger lickin’ good~

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homemade chicken wings
appetizer, main
  • 2 + pounds wings
  • olive or coconut oil
  • desired spice mixtures (see below for what we used)
  • spicy Cajun mix - ground cayenne pepper, paprika, chili flakes, chipotle, onion powder, garlic, black pepper, salt (Rowe farms also sells an amazing Cajun spice that is already pre-mixed for you!)
  • mixed herbs - dried rosemary, basil, marjoram, parsley, oregano, thyme and black pepper (note: for both create spice/herb mixes using equal-ish parts of each)
  1. line your baking sheet with tin foil
  2. brush with olive/coconut oil, using a silicone brush
  3. preheat oven to approx. 325-350 degrees
  4. take desired spices/herbs and mix them up in a small bowl
  5. pour all the wings into a larger bowl and drizzle with some olive or coconut oil (we used 2 separate medium-sized bowls here)
  6. next, toss in your spice mix
  7. with clean hands, get in there and make sure that all the wings are coated with the seasoning
  8. finally arrange the wings on your baking sheet
  9. bake in oven for approx. 30-40 minutes, turning them with tongs mid-way through the process (you can also sprinkle a little more seasoning on near the end)
  10. note - keep and eye on them for about the last 10 minutes...you may also broil at this point if you wish for an extra crispy finish
  11. enjoy!

cabbage, carrot and cucumber slaw

I have spoken about this before…inspiration for recipes can come from the most random places sometimes.  This was actually my first time ever making coleslaw of any kind, in my whole entire life!  While strolling the streets in the beaches this weekend, I decided to pop into one of my fav stores…it is called STACK.  While perusing all the kitchen gadgets and home decor items, I spotted this julienne slicer, made by the German company Borner.

Owning their mandolin slicer already, I knew that I needed to have this bad boy!  This product is a real beaut…$ 15, well spent.  Okay, so back to the inspiration.  Basically it came from the photo on the julienne slicer’s box.  It was showing a lovely pile of carrots and cucumber, looking so thinly sliced and fresh.  That’s where the recipe started and then I pretty much winged it from there!

On the way home, I ran into the grocery store and picked up those two items, along with some red cabbage, celery, lemons, limes and fresh dill and parsley.  Not gonna lie, this recipe was a bit of an ‘eyeballer’, so to speak.  Please don’t hate, (as I know this can be somewhat irritating, especially to those ‘Type A’ peeps out there), but that’s usually how I roll in the kitchen!  I didn’t really measure as a was tossing things together.  However, having said that, I will try to be as accurate as I can, when I explain below.

I knew we were going to chef up some homemade Paleo wings and wild boar wrapped sweet potato wedges for dins…so I thought that this would be a delicious side to go along with both of those.  Full recipes for those two dishes coming very soon as well!

Moral of the story: 1 – Don’t over-think your recipes.  Be open to trying new foods, and the creations will come to you (perhaps even from a box).  2 – Spruce up your kitchen with a new tool or gadget.  Makes prepping/cooking more fun and usually acts as a huge time saver too!

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cabbage, carrot and cucumber slaw
  • 1 large english cucumber
  • 3 medium carrots
  • ¼ head of read cabbage (used the julienne slicer with this as well...kinda messy, but still worked well)
  • 1-2 stalks of celery (optional) - I actually forget to throw this in, but am sure it would be great!
  • 1 lemon - juice freshly squeezed
  • 1 lime - juice freshly squeezed and some grated zest as well
  • handful of fresh parsley - finely chopped
  • handful of fresh dill - finely chopped
  • good quality olive oil - add, stir and taste test as you go along (sorry, don't know the exact amount here)
  • dash of sea salt and ground pepper
  1. cut all the veggies using the julienne slicer and mix together in a medium sized bowl
  2. squeeze in the lemon and lime juice, along with some zest
  3. add in the freshly chopped herbs (can choose different ones - cilantro would be yummy too)
  4. drizzle with olive oil
  5. sprinkle with some salt and pepper
  6. mix well to make sure it is all coated in the citrus dressing
  7. allow to cool in the fridge before serving
  8. enjoy!


mango and cucumber salad

Whipping up your own dressing isn’t arduous.  Play with oils, spices, herbs and the fruit juices.  To make it creamier add eggs, coconut milk, mustard or avocado.

Rewind back quite some time now to a wonderful evening when family friends of ours had us all over to their house for dinner.  We found out when we got there, that they thoughtfully prepared a “Paleo themed” meal.  They knew that my husband and I eat this way, so they took the time to read up on it, go out and buy “special” ingredients and from there created an amazing dins that was Paleo-friendly.  I have to say we were extremely touched and appreciative…what a nice gesture!  The dining room table was even decorated with “caveman” accessories…haha!  It was adorable!!!  Regretfully, I didn’t bring along my camera….arghhhhh.  Shocking, I know! ;)  Regardless, the whole experience was very memorable.

I have yet to get the recipes from that evening, but I will look into this.  Inspired by the salad that she made, I decided to go ahead and to try to create something similar.  Without really thinking too much about it, I just tossed various veggies/fruit together and made a homemade dressing to compliment them.  It turned out to be one of those add and taste as you go kinda deals…and the end result was DELICIOUS!!!  The leftovers for my lunch the next day were even better, after being “marinated” in all the juices overnight.  At first glance, you may think the flavours wouldn’t go together, but trust me they are great.  To sum it up in one word— FRESH!!!

mango and cucumber salad
  • 4 small yellow mango- finely diced (small cubes)
  • ½ container spring mix- I used baby romaine leaves
  • ⅓ red onion- finely diced
  • 4 mini cucumbers- shaved with veggie peeler (I love them like that for some reason)
  • ¼-1/2 container alfalfa sprouts
  • sesame seeds to top
  • ground pepper to taste
  • DRESSING (measurements may vary according to taste preference)
  • 2 limes- juice squeezed
  • 1 navel orange- juice squeezed
  • 1½ tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp grainy mustard, maple syrup or a couple spoonfuls of mashed up ripe avocado (optional)- helps to offset the tartness of the lime juice
  • sea salt and ground
  1. start by finely chopping the mango and red onion into a seal-able container
  2. add in some spring mix, shaved cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts
  3. in the meantime combine dressing ingredients and whisk thoroughly
  4. pour dressing over salad in container- do this in stages as you don't want too much
  5. then put the lid on and shake!
  6. on a serving plate, make a "bowl" out of lettuce leaves
  7. pour mango salad on top
  8. then, top with sesame seeds and serve
  9. enjoy!
• you may also want to add grilled salmon or tuna to this dish...I bet it would be amazing!

squash those monday blues …


Oh Monday mornings, how I loathe you at times. Snooze…roll over and repeat (several times). What is wrong with me and not wanted to get out of my cozy wozy little bed lately??? Perhaps the changing of the seasons. Pre-hibernation mode. It is bad news bears! Haha! So dark and brrrrrr chilly to the bone out there today. I may have to just whip out the ol’ Canadian Goose soon ;) Recently, my schedule has been switched around a little and I have been enjoying working out in the evenings, rather than my usual 6 am stint. I dearly miss so many of my 6 am pals, but I have to say I am lovin’ the training time change more than I ever thought I would. A major bonus to this is that I actually do feel WAY more awake and alert in the afternoons. On the other hand, this does mean less time for dinner prep and cooking in the evenings.  To help with this change, I have been making “big batch meals” in a one shot go and then have been savouring them for dins as yummy leftovers during the days and nights that follow. This has been working extremely well. Just this past week I made another version of my previous “trifecta of meat chili” (second time around was even tastier) and a beef stew. Amen to wicked comfort foods that are actually real and good for you!!!

Tonight, as some of the regular 5:30 cf’ers and I freestyled our buttocks with lacrosse balls and rolled our tight bits in our usual circle after the wod. When doing so, the topic of “what’s for dins?” came up. Jenny was enjoying her yummy pecan Larabar and Andrew was happy with his 18th egg of the day haha, to help tied them over until they were able to go home and chef something fab up. Warren expressed that he was hoping he would arrive at his place, to be greeted with his very own personal chef. Stew looked like he was crossing his fingers and hoping for a sweet homemade meal to be waiting for him upon his arrival back home. Hmmmm, I thought…it was already almost 7 pm by the time we finished our mobility stuff! I originally planned on making another batch of Paleo chili, but then remembered that I had butternut squash in the fridge that I needed to use up.

So with that…a make-shift “breakfast for dinner-ish” meal was born…with a warm side of roasted butternut squash to boot. I basically just cooked up some scrambled eggs with onion and spinach in them, along with a side of rowe farms sausage…and another side, which was the squash. All of these flavours together were simply scrumptious. So easy, you can’t not make it! Not even kidding…I did not speak a word until it was all done. After that I fully wanted to lick the plate clean! I resisted.

Here it is…

easy oven-roasted butternut squash
  • 1 butternut squash (halved...I bought mine from the market already cut into 2)
  • coconut oil to cover
  • dash of cinnamon (optional)
  • sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
  1. cut butternut squash into 2 equal halves
  2. take a baking sheet or casserole dish and grease with thin layer coconut oil (I used a silicone brush here)
  3. then coat each exposed side of the squash with more coconut oil
  4. turn over and place face down on baking sheet, so that they skin side is facing up
  5. preheat oven to 325 degrees and when ready cook for approximately 45 minutes (this may vary)
  6. you may have to test to see if it is done by "sticking a fork it it!"
  7. let stand for 10-15 minutes before serving
  8. sprinkle with some cinnamon, fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste
  9. you can enjoy this as a side by either scooping all the contents out and eating it right out of the skin.
  10. enjoy!

  • OH ya…by the way, if you haven’t yet checked out Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWod Blog do it now HERE!!! kstar is the man!

a word from…

Yes, yes I know that  most people associate me with those restful weekend mornings, when you wake later and have time to spare.  Folks, if you feel like you are too rushed to whip me up during the weekdays…think again.  I promise, I will only take seconds…well okay maybe minutes.  I am not only healthy, tasty, but overly simplistic (shhhh..don’t tell bacon- I think he has a crush on me.)

Heck why don’t you get even more creative and bold and throw me in the brekkie rotation at least once or twice a week?  That’s what Cindy and Dustin have done, and they couldn’t be more pleased.  I hear them rave about the fact that I can be launched in there in a pinch, when nothing else in the fridge is calling their name.  Oh ya, word also has it that they regularly enjoy me as “breakfast for dinner”, because I am a “no-brainer”.  Don’t worry, I don’t take offense, but am rather flattered to lend them a hand when life becomes busy.  Besides, instead of a brain, I have a yolk that contains protein, fat and other nutrients.  Eat me up, without hesitation, yolk and all! (By the way, don’t believe all the “claims” you have heard about our yellow centers)

I don’t want to “toot my own horn”, but I have been told I am very social and get along well with many.  I am comforted in the company of bacon, sausage, avocado, salsa, sliced fruits and grilled veggies…  Take your pick, but please don’t be shy to indulge and greet my high protein compadres.  You won’t be disappointed!  Lastly, rumour has it that Cindy’s co-workers think she is perhaps overly “egg-static” about hard-boiled eggs for a snack at work.  Her friend Susie started her off and has fueled this addiction.  Now let’s just say we are a common face that is being cracked all over the counter-tops in the staffroom these days.  Word about our fulfilling and satisfying nature have caught on.  We usually travel in packs of 12, sometimes 6.  Pick us up this weekend and see what you can do.

Yours truly,

Mademoiselle Oeuf

(alter ego)— aka…scrambled egg, hard boiled egg, omelet, frittata, poached egg, pickled egg, fried egg…well you get the point!

super quick & easy scrambled eggs
main, breakfast
  • 6 eggs
  • coconut/olive oil- to cook
  • 1-2 avocado- sliced
  • 6 small tomatoes (medley)- cut in half
  • splash of water
  • splash of hot sauce (ISH)- optional
  • fresh ground pepper to taste (optional)
  1. begin by cracking all the eggs into a large bowl and add in a splash of water (helps to make them fluffy!)
  2. next whisk together thoroughly
  3. add oil to pan and heat on low/medium
  4. then pour beaten egg mixture into pan
  5. as the eggs cook, use a spatula to scramble them (they don't take long, so keep a close eye)
  6. when cook, plate and top with sliced chunks of avocado
  7. garnish with halved tomatoes on the side
  8. also, as a side (which is not in the photo) we cooked up some peameal bacon to go along with it
  9. enjoy!
Final thoughts...scrambled eggs are one of the quickest and easiest on-the-go meals to prepare. Try adding different types of veggies and meats to your egg scramble for a change as well. Don't forget about tossing in some spices and finishing with fresh herbs if you are in the mood! This adds a nice touch!!!