the GOOD, the BADA$$ and…

The Skintervention Guide.

A guide devoted solely to ‘Purely Paleo Skincare’. Who thought of such a wise concept you may ask?! Well wonder no further…it is the brilliant masterpiece of no other than the lovely Liz Wolfe (NTP) of CaveGirlEats. Although Liz and I have never met in person, I can just tell that she would be such a cool gal to hang out with.

Maybe we are long-lost sardine sistas!?! Who knows? I follow the work she creates on her blog and without fail, to hers & Diane Sanfillipo’s ‘Balanced Bites’ podcast every.single.week. Check out this one specifically geared towards all things skin and body ! If she is as wicked as she comes across over the interwebs…than I bet (without question), that she is just one of those folks who’s company you want to be in. Her charismatic way is admirable. Also, Liz’s passion, wit & genuine nature is in abundance, even through a computer screen and is nothing, but infectious. I do hope our paths cross one day soon…

Okay…so let’s cut to the chase. Who is this Liz gal anyways?!? What’s her deal? What’s her story?!? What is she all about?

Here are all her dets. Go check out her wicked awesomeness and get to know here a little bit better…


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Liz Wolfe, NTP (her professional alter ego) ~

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* I also want to pay tribute and note that Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics (skin care genius) also plays a huge role in sharing her excellent expertise and offers insights throughout the guide that address various skin-related conditions. Be sure to check out her ever-growing line of nourishing skin care products here!


SOOOOOO…way back in Jan (I know…it has been months already…very *sadface*), Liz sent me a FB msg asking if I would like a copy of her newly released ‘Skintervention Guide’. As you can see below (photo), I was immediately thrilled with this kind offering. My lag in posting this review holds no real ground for any excuse. In all honesty, I was blown away with this guide from the moment I clicked ‘download’. New job…family commitments…training…and you know, life (blah…blah…blah), I could go on…(all excuses), but the real reason for the elapsed time in posting this, was because I wanted to take in all that Liz was providing and start an experiment with myself. My desire was to absorb and apply all she was saying and start playing around. Previous to being exposed to this guide, I was curious (and making slight changes in my beauty regime), but this book gave me the inspiration and kick to take that next plunge. A dive that I can now fully support, and share and recommend with pride as it based on my own personal results. I can confidently say, that I am so elated with my ‘skintervention’ progress to date. It is a process (as Liz mentions many times in her book), and is something that cannot be rushed or hurried. Thoughtful consideration is needed.

The second excuse, I mean reason for me taking so darn long to post this, is not without good intention. This book is SO impressively packed with a crazy unbelievable amount of information. I would open it, read, close it, open it, read, close it…you get the idea. Finally, one day…the lightbulb went off…I needed to print this bad boy off. Ya, that’s right, send it to the printers and coil bind this number, so that I could mark the $hit out of it! Yep! That’s right…that’s me. That’s how I learn…I am such the ‘hardcopy’ kinda gal, who needs to be able to hold the book, highlight and do little jot notes here and there with my fancy pink marker. So…that’s what I did! And that was the perfect combo!! Utilizing the e-book especially for it’s amazing links, and adding this to my own ‘print version’ served to be an excellent companion. BTW…YES, this is legal, I asked her.

SETTING THE STAGE: (The tone of this book)

Liz makes you feel at ease while reading her book. Her approach is straightforward, honest yet, compassionate. Her delivery makes it feel like the two of you are having a personal convo. Aside from her sharing her experiences/stories, the vibe of this book is that of someone who is close to you, and ultimately wants the best for you. She does so in a non-judgmental, pressure-ey (new word) way! Her wealth of knowledge consistently holds this element of humbleness that makes you comfortable to take charge and make changes! (without feeling the slight bit intimidated)



I honestly can’t say enough good things about this guide. There have been several close family members and friends who I have directed her way to help them with their ongoing skin issues. Their response = super happy! I too could go on and on and on, as it has truly helped to change the way I care about my skin and body! Read on to find out why I am so in lurv with this guide…

  • The layout of this book makes it easy to follow and navigate ~ includes a handy side bar margin, filled with reminders, tips/tricks, precautions and recommendations
  • Can you say FULLY LOADED? YEP…this digital resource is jammed packed with tons info ~ guaranteed that there is something in there for everyone!
  • It is divided into 3 logical sections – PART One ~ Nutrition, PART TWO ~ Digestion, & PART 3 ~ Body and Skincare
  • This meaningful and carefully crafted, three-pronged approach is designed to help you and your skin heal from both the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE! SO IMPORTANT!!!
  • Includes multiple hyperlinks ~ who doesn’t love clicking around and exploring the internet this way – they are SO FUN!
  • When you order…you don’t only get the original guide, BUT you also receive 2 bonus guides FREE ~ a RESOURCE guide and a RECIPE guide
  • Oh ya…because it is a digital PDF, UNLIMITED lifetime updates are also yours FREE!
  • The RESOURCE guide in itself is a total gem ~ there you will find Liz’s guaranteed recommendations + top picks!
  • As a total non-fiction lover, sub-headings/bolded text are key! Liz does a great job of breaking down each section into manageable bites of information that don’t leave your head spinning ~ not bombarding in the least!!
  • A gradual approach is reinforced throughout THE WHOLE guide ~ but I especially enjoyed the 3 levels of entry that are introduced in the ‘Body and Skincare’ section ~ 1- ‘Simply Boost’, 2- ‘Added Boost’, and 3- ‘Total Nourishment’ ~ choose your own adventure!
  • If you are in a rush…reading the ‘Simplify It’ and ‘Wrapping It Up’ sections will serve you well and help you understand the gist of things – a very clever summary-style addition!

the BADA$$:

Prior to reading Liz’s ‘Skintervention Guide’, my husband and I had made a few changes here and there with regards to improving our overall digestion and the health of our skin/body. Having said that, this guide is REALLY what has gotten the ball rollin’ though! To echo Liz’s sentiments, everyone has to find a personal approach and speed that works for them. That is what we are doing and couldn’t be more excited! Picking away…and seeing results!!!

Exhilarated by the fact that Liz honestly makes you feel so empowered. I feel more in control now than ever before. Total BADA$$ mode. I have been doing this ‘paleo thing’ for 3 + years, and have the food/eating deal totally down. Having said that, I never lose sight that it is still a journey! I am still growing, improving and creating a better self. This guide makes you WANT to be better!!! The whole natural and nourishing skin/bodycare regime was something that needed to be addressed. And so it has been…

Here is my (our) ‘Skintervention Skinformation’ to date (so far):

  • We have made our eating regime (especially dinner) a priority ~ a focus on a relaxing atmosphere, sans distractions
  • Tossed out all my chemically-filled make-up (lip gloss, blush, eye-liner and mascara), and have replaced it with more ethically and naturally made products (GLUTEN-FREE)
  • I now use these products from 100% pure, Vauxhall Gardens (Brickworks Farmer’s Market) and am going to place a BIGA$$ order with Primal Life Organics SOON!
  • Ditched my old ‘commercial cleansing’ face products ~ now all I do is Liz’s recommended ‘Oil Cleansing Method’ ~ that’s right, I clean my face with coconut oil (people always look at me funny when I tell them this! Doesn’t it give you zits? Nope.)
  • Said ‘BYE-BYE’ to Dove Soap…and now use Dr. Bronner’s!
  • We started taking Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend ~ LOVE IT…have noticed such a difference. Where has this been all my life!
  • Started something new – YEP…we both joined and started yoga/meditation classes ~ ohhhhhh soooo relaxing!
  • Have placed a concentration on getting in more organ meats, fermented foods and bone broth (homemade)
  • Gave up coffee (a year ago now), and have switched to drinking nourishing herbal teas and kombucha & more kombucha!
  • Have started using clay masks on a weekly basis – to target pores
  • We have re-thought our home-cleaning routine with the products we were using ~ now there it is basically a combo of water, vinegar, lemon, baking soda and essential oils
  • FINALLY…who couldn’t forget ‘dry brushing’! YES…that’s right…we have HIS and HERS and use them regularly before bathing!!!

What I (we) have noticed:

  • I (Cindy) have observed a noticeable shrinking in pores (ongoing)
  • Skin texture is more smooth in texture, moisturized and radiant ~ overall glow is starting to appear
  • My gut is starting to feel better ~ I can’t explain it any other way
  • Both of us (Cindy & Dusty) are feeling more calm, cool and chill ~ mellow yellow
  • Sleep has improved (as if this was even possible, as we were both already silent snoozers)
  • Energy levels are up ~ feeling invigorated and ready to do more!!!

Here is where we want to go! (future):

  • Convincing my husband to change the laundry detergent we use! (he does ALL the laundry BTW…lucky gal, but loves that ‘Downy Fresh smell!!)
  • Look into an alternative ‘hair colouring’ and try the ‘No Poo Method!’ (maybe haha!!!)
  • Want to find a ‘more natural’ toothpaste that we actually LOVE!
  • Create a homemade toner for my ‘skin-type’

the UGLY:

Nothing about this guide is ugly…it’s ALL beautiful ~ well except for one thing! The one ugly thing that this guide addresses, is the ‘LIES THAT WE ARE TOLD’. Both Liz and Trina discuss how we as consumers can often be duped into thinking certain products that are labelled ‘healthy’, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are actually benefiting our bodies in a positive way. In many cases they are not! Tons of everyday products that we use on our skin, on our body, on our children bodies and within the 4 walls of our homes are filled with nasty garbage-like ingredients. Chemical derivatives that even an ‘English Major’ has difficulty pronouncing!

 What exactly am I talking about?! This is just a small sample. Go ahead – have a read. Pethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, ethylparaben, diethanolamine, dibutyl phthalate, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, P-phenylenediamine, polyethylene glycols, petrolatum, cyclohexasiloxane, IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA, METHENAMINE, or QUARTERNIUM-15, ethylene oxide…and the ever famous…sodium laureth sulfate! And…this is honestly just the tip of the iceberg.

I am not trying to scare you with ‘fear mongering’ tactics, but rather the opposite! I wand to remind you (as I was) that you have the control to take the reins and explore alternative treatments. Ones that will not ‘break the bank’ (if fact you will save $) and ones that don’t focus on ‘Band-Aid’ solutions (long-lasting!) SOOOOOOOOOOOO…If you are struggling with acne, eczema, dry skin, body door, psoriasis, dandruff, ingrown hairs, discoloured patches, brittle nails, thinning hair, bad breath, cold sores, rosacea, whiteheads, blackheads, enlarged pores (me), dry skin, scarring, wrinkles, aging or dark circles/bags under your eyes…THEN THIS GUIDE IS MOST DEFINITELY FOR YOU!!! BUY IT ~ I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! START TREATING YOUR LARGEST ORGAN WITH THE RESPECT IT DESERVES. ENJOY!!! THE END!


“I had no idea what it took to be healthy in the first place.”

“This is NOT a diet guide. It’s a NOURISHMENT guide.”

“Our skin is an integral part of every moment of our lives.”

“You’re NOT stuck with ‘problem’ skin.”

“Natural, full-fat, cholesterol-rich foods are a critical part of a healthy, skin-healing diet.”

“Our bodies and our skin need REAL FOOD.”

“Organ meats from healthy animals help support and build the same organs in our bodies.”

“Sleep is the gift you give your body each and every day.”

“You are already beautiful in shape, size and individuality.”

“Remember that cellulite is only as frustrating as you allow it to be! Our bodies can do amazing things ~ cellulite is nothing to be preoccupied with. Self judgment is far worse than cellulite!”

“Don’t apologize for your sweat. It’s natural. Embrace it.”

“Ultimately, it’s about personal preference and what you think is most important.”

I am thrilled to announce my very FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!! YAY! This WICKED ‘Skintervention’ Guide (a VALUE of $ 37) could be YOURS for FREE! All you have to do is share a comment below on my blog…telling us what you do to nourish your skin and body! CONTEST ENDS MONDAY AUGUST, 19 at 2PM. One entry per person. Winner will be contacted by email. GOOD LUCK!!! 

PALEOdISH holiday gift guide

I love this time of year.  The smell of pine, holiday cheer, cozy gatherings around the fireplace and spending quality time with family and friends.  The Christmas season is upon us.  Last weekend…Santa Claus Parade.  This weekend we went to our first Christmas party (‘ugly sweater’) of several that are upcoming.  Next…the good ol’ tree chop. Weekends are filling up and the hustle n’ bustle is definitely in the air.  December 25th is less than a month away folks!

I had so much fun putting this little (well actually kinda large(ish) gift guide together.  Hopefully you will find it useful and you will snag a few ideas, as you check off buying for those who are on your ‘nice’ list this year.  Sit back…get cozy with a blanket and a yummy warm bevy.  Guaranteed to get you in the spirit of giving.  Many of the suggestions in this guide are items that I own and LOVE or are currently on ‘my wish list’…hint, hint…wink, wink!  Browse away at your leisure and have fun clicking away like mad on all the products links that I have provided throughout!  (Note:  I am not partial to all the specific brands…they are merely gift suggestions!!!)

For your bookshelf…

These are all must-haves for your bookshelf collection…to be read of course first!  I highly recommended these reads to almost everyone I meet…those following a ‘paleo lifestyle’ or not.  I have purchased several copies myself, for special people in my life…and I honestly can’t say enough wicked things about these incredible authors…and dear friends of mine.  Inspire someone to take control of their health, learn more about the science behind nutrition and ultimately find their inner chef!

1.  a)  The Paleo Solution: Robb Wolf

Do you want to lose fat and stay young, all while avoiding cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and a host of other illnesses? The Paleo Solution incorporates the latest, cutting edge research from genetics, biochemistry and anthropology to help you look, feel and perform your best.’

‘Written by Robb Wolf, a research biochemist who traded in his lab coat and pocket protector for a whistle and a stopwatch to become one of the most sought after strength and conditioning coaches in the world. With Robb’s unique perspective as both scientist and coach you will learn how simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes can radically change your appearance and health for the better.’

1.  b)  Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Transformation Guide

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Feel better?
  • Have more energy?
  • Reduce inflammation and pain?
  • Reverse diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, lupus, autism, diabetes, and obesity?
  • Look, feel, and perform at your best ever?

If you answered yes…then Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation is your answer. This is a 60-page, new, interactive multimedia guide is amazing!  He includes sections on nutrition, exercise, your first 30-days, a month of paleo meals, shopping lists, recommended resources and more!

2.  Catalyst Athletics – Weightlifting Book, DVD and Poster Package

I have personally read Greg Everett’s Olympic Weightlifting book and was also fortunate enough to attend his weightlifting seminar when he came to Toronto last year.  This man is a wealth of knowledge in this area.  Take a minute to check out his Catalyst Athletics site, where you will find all kinds of goodies and products for sale in his online store.

You can purchase items separately…or buy them in nicely bundled packages.  Such items include books, DVD’s, posters, Performance Menu subscriptions, tons of equipment and much more!  Take advantage of their ‘Cyber Monday’ offers, which gives you 25 % of all DVD’s!  This would make a super gift for that strong guy or gal in your life…get shopping!

3.  Paleo Comfort Foods: Julie & Charles Mayfield

In 3 words…totally wicked awesome!!!  This Paleo cookbook is a total MUST HAVE for anyone! You are fully guaranteed to find all sorts of yummy dishes in this book that that will tickle your fancy! Since getting this cookbook, I basically cart it around with me everywhere. People at work are now so intrigued and many of my friends have ordered a copy of their own since!
This book is stuffed full of delicious recipes that will make your mouth water just by looking all their gorgeous full colour photos! DROOL…Cooking instructions are easy to follow, steps are concise and the end products are definitely something to write home about.

4.  Make It Paleo: Bill Staley & Hayley Mason

I have said it before, but I will say it again…THIS BOOK IS A MASTERPIECE of BEAUTIFULNESS!!! IT ROCKS! When you buy this, get it in your hands and find a recipe that you want to attempt…you will right away feel like you will be successful in doing so. They have truly set you up for success. Each recipe is paired with a stunning photo of the finished product on the right side.

I really appreciate that the recipes don’t call for a million and one ingredients and that the instructions are SUPER EASY to follow. Fully doable for first time chefs and pros alike.

5.  Paleo Magazine

Who doesn’t love magazines?!?  I know I do!!!  Our coffee table always home to various different ones.  The gift of a magazine subscription is a beautiful thing.  It is the gift that keeps on giving all year round.

When I was at the Ancestral Health Symposium back in August, I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy of this magazine…of which I thoroughly enjoyed reading!  ‘Paleo magazine is the first, and only, print magazine dedicated to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. Each issue is packed with the latest research, exercise and nutrition. They also give you interviews, recipes, reviews and much more!’  This sweet read is def on my own wish list this year…

For your kitchen…

6.  Anything Le Creuset

I am a huge fan of anything Le Creuset.  A few years ago, I received a wonderful Le Creuset Dutch Oven for Christmas from my mother-in-law.  It is a lifesaver…we use it ALL the time.  TRIPLE LOVE!!!

They can be a bit of a pricier gift…however, I have to say…that they are fully worth every penny.  Gorgeous and durable to last you an entire lifetime!  Keep your eyes peeled for various Le Creuset products at discounted prices at their outlet stores and other house and home shops such as Winners.  I hope to be adding to my Le Creuset collection soon…as there is an outlet that just opened across the border, in Niagara Falls, at the Fashion Outlet Mall.

7.  The Crock-Pot

If your household doesn’t already have one…get one!  Crock-Pot…’the original slow cooker’, is key for making batches of stews, chillies, soups and other meat dishes.  Super easy to use, but the benefits in producing delicious dishes and saving loads of time are definite factors for people with busy lives.

You can find these bad boys on sale at many stores for under $ 4o!  We just started using ours fairly recently…and wonder why we didn’t start sooner.  Crock pots are da bomb!!!  A full-on essential kitchen item in my opinion.

8. a) Spiral Slicer – Westmark Spiromat

This is a unique and fun gift for someone who maybe has all the standard kitchen essentials.  It is a fantastic tool that turns a variety of vegetables into super curly ‘noodles.’  You can basically use anything from sweet potatoes, to zucchini…in order to create many yummy dishes.  This handy device also serves as a neat way to make different meals that will appeal to your children.  Fun and inventive…we use ours often.  Note – not the easiest to find…so you may have to do a little bit of searching for this one – well worth it though!!!  Read my full post on this cool kitchen gadget here.

8.  b) Mandoline Slicer

Also, if the ‘chef’ or ‘foodie’  in your life doesn’t own a madoline slicer, I would highly recommend getting them one.  It really does make slicing and dicing much easier!  I have two.  The basic one I have is the OXO Hand-Held Mandonline Slicer and the more complex (fancier) one I have is the Borner Germany V-Slicer Plus Mandoline .  Both of them are fabulous!  Feel free to print off my ‘beet chip’ and ‘sweet potato chip‘ recipes for them, to include with the gift!

For your body:

9.  Mobility products

These gift are inspired by Kelly StarrettMobility WOD.

“Every human being should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. You know what to eat, how to train, and what to do if you have a cut; you should also know how to fix your tight hips, painful knees, and stiff shoulders, and how to make yourself faster and more powerful. It’s too much to mobilize everything, all the time, everyday.  Start somewhere”

From bands to rumble rollers and  all the way to ‘The Stick’…you will find what you need to take care of your muscles.  These items are sold individually or in ‘packs’ that make fabulous gift for those you care about.

10. Powerlifting Belt

‘All Inzer Forever Belts ™ are one solid thickness of the finest, select, exclusive leather.’ This is an ideal gift for someone in your life, who is into lifting some heavy weight.  Inzer offers high-quality products that will stand the test of time.  Take a minute to head over to their site to check out other products from ‘The World Leader in Powerlifting Apparel.”  They come is a rainbow of colours and various styles.  I personally love the forest green!

11.  T’s, Tanks and Hoodies

My husband likes to say that the last thing I need is another hood…but come on…can one really ever have too many!?!  I don’t think so!  Anyways, check out some of these awesome T’s, hoodies and fancy duds from some amazing people.  Thank me later…as the men and women (kids too) in your life will love being all decked out in these comfy clothes.  Great for the gym or for lounging after a big holiday feast.

Why not head over to Catalyst Athletics to buy one of their fabulous tanks or one of their new ‘jerk hoodies’!?!   You could also dress your entire family in Nom Nom Paleo’s adorable clothing.  Check it out…as they have a little something for everyone over there.  If you want to make a statement, saunter on over to The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate’s shop to purchase a t-shirt that tells it like it is!  Choose from 4 different, cleverly crafted designs…or heck if you can’t decide, snag ‘em all!!!  Finally…mosey on over to Balanced Bites, to pick up a t-shirt for that special bacon lover in your life.  There are many different styles and colours to choose from in her shop as well!

For your loved ones who were ‘extra nice’ this year:

12.  Big(ger) Ticket Items

Depending on your budget and how you celebrate, you may wish to spoil some of your special peeps with some more expensive, but wicked-awesome presses.

Weightlifting Equipment

Imagine how happy ‘the weightlifter’ on your list would be if they woke up on Christmas morning to see some solid new weight plates or a barbell, with bows on them under the tree.  These types of gifts are great to go in on as a larger group as well!  Check out companies like: Pendlay, Muscle Driver, Westside Barbell, Catalyst Athletics and Rogue Fitness for a plethora of such products.


I do not own one myself, but everyone that I speak with, who does…absolutely loves theirs.  These machines are a terrific gift, for that serious user…the one that you know will actual use it to it’s max, and not let it sit on the counter un-touched.

‘Whether you’re looking to add more fruits and vegetables into your menu, introduce your family and friends to culinary treats, or simplify everyday kitchen tasks, the Total Nutrition Center package is for you. Bring home the same power and performance, in a blender, experienced by chefs and restaurants around the globe and start making smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and more.’  Find the one that is right for you or yours…

An Experience

Finally…why not give ‘an experience’ to someone special on your list this year!?  It is something a little it different, often overlooked, but sure to be received with great appreciation.

Workshop/Seminar – sign ‘em up and register them for an upcoming nutrition or strength training seminar in your area.  Check out OPT Nutrition Series, Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Seminar, MovNat Workshops and Westside Barbell Events for more information on their upcoming gigs.

Nutrition Consultation – give the gift of health and help someone get on the right track by hooking them up with a nutrition consultation.  Head over to Robb Wolf’s site to read about his qualified crew (registered dietitians) over there and the services they have to offer!

Cooking classes/demonstrations – another really neat idea, would be to give the gift of cooking classes or a kitchen skill session (eg: knife techniques).  All you have to do is do a little ‘google search’ for offerings in your area to find something of interest.  If you live in the Toronto area…enroll a loved one in the ‘GE Cafe Chefs Series.’

There they will “get intimate with Toronto’s hottest chefs. In these demonstration-style cooking classes, you’ll learn about cooking local food, learn tips and techniques while enjoying a delicious dinner and wine from Stratus Vineyards.”  Click on the above link for a full description of classes that are still available.

Meat/Veggie CSA – give the gift of farm fresh food deliveries, from farms you can trust.  Take a minute to check out Eat Wild site, and learn more about the different CSA farm shares and programs that they have going on in many locations.  We started one this year…and look forward to our box of delicious meat every month.  A useful ‘source for providing healthy, safe, natural and nutritious meats and other wild edibles’ to your family and friends.  A gift that will last many months of the year!

Mini-vacation/Retreat – Don’t forget about the charm in planning a wee weekend getaway for you and your partner, as a way of surprising them over the holidays.  This could be a mini-vacation to a resort, yoga centre, bed and breakfast or ski excursion.  The options here are endless…and sure to knock their wool socks off!

Other nifty gift ideas include: a good quality knife set, cutting board, market produce buggy, nested bowl set, food dehydrator, fermentation pot, cast iron skillet, ‘black-out’ blinds…or even a basket filled with assorted ‘paleo’ items/products.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Holiday Shopping Tips:

  • Shop around – take some time to check out different online sites, as well as in-store deals
  • Subscribe to ‘company’ newsletters when possible – they often send you promo codes for special offers
  • Remember – the quality of your gifts over quantity matters!  Make your gift giving meaningful!!!
  • Don’t forget to check out sites like Groupon and Living Social for excellent deals!
  • Try searching online for discounted shipping options and codes
  • Get creative with your gift wrapping, to save on paper (I like to wrap gifts in tea towels!)
  • Support independent companies and local shops in your neighbourhood – separate blog post about this COMING SOON…