spicy taro chips

Happy day of birth!!! I can’t believe it…how quickly the time has flown by…PALEOdISH is 2 years young today! What started out as random postings of pics of facebook…has turned into a full-on passion that I am so happy to share with many through my website.  I just got in from being out while enjoying a stroll on the beach! While walking, I had time to reflect on how grateful I am for all that I have. To all of you ~ THANKS for your support, questions and feedback…you have continued to help me learn and grow. ♥ Cindy 

New food.  Taro.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we are making it a point to try to introduce a NEW food into the mix once a week.  Why?  Well…because there are just so many amazing foods out there that we have not tried as of yet.  Oh ya..and we want to…we LOVE trying new things!  They may end up being ‘one-hit wonders’ or perhaps frequent our plates, as ‘weekly hits’, within our rotation.  So there you have it…on deck this week (which was actually last week – sorry for the late post), was taro root.  I have heard many people speak of them, and have since been curious as to how they would taste/turn-out.

Similar to that of my beet and sweet potato chips recipes…this starchy tuber was sliced into thin coins, using the ever-so-handy mandoline.  I have said it before, and will say it again…if you don’t have one of these wee tools in your kitchen yet, get one!  You can pick them up for around 15 dollars…and you will be so happy you did.  I used 1 taro root…but it was massive.  There was actually enough to feed both of us.

We REALLY enjoyed their super-crispiness and ‘nutty’ type flavour.  They were a side to our ‘akuri’ (spicy scrambled eggs), but would be just as nice solo…or paired with homemade salsa or guacamole.  Next time, I think I may even make up a larger batch and serve them as the main contender on a ‘nacho’ platter, with loads of bacon.  Oh so good ~ can’t wait!  I also wanted to point out…not all grocery stores may carry them.  You might have to do a little hunteroo at an Asian market, if there is one in your town/city. Sidenote ~ these little rascals are highly addictive!  Crunch away!!!

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spicy taro chips
appetizer, snack
  • 1-2 large taro roots - thinly sliced
  • 2-3 tbsp coconut oil or butter - melted
  • 3 tbsp - spice mixture (equal parts cayenne, paprika and red chili)
  • sea salt and ground pepper - to taste
  1. start by peeling your taro root
  2. using a mandoline, thinly slice into a large bowl
  3. pour in melted oil/butter and desired spices and mix together to coat, using your hands
  4. place slices on a foil-lined baking sheet
  5. cook in a pre-heat oven at 300 - 325 degrees, until browned and crispy
  6. during this process, use tongs to flip them a couple times
  7. remove, set aside and allow to cool on a wire rack
  8. enjoy!
• cooking time may vary depending on oven (keep a close eye) • feel free to experiment with your favourite spices • you will know that they are close to being finished when the edges start to 'curl up'

beet chips

Who knew veggies transformed, could be so wicked?  I didn’t and was pleasantly surprised.  This recipe is super easy and similar to that of my ‘sweet potato’ chips, but I thought I would post anyways.  Having  tried both recipes now (and many versions of each), I have to say I am actually a bigger fan of the ‘beet chips’.  They seem to get a little crispier than the sweet potato ones, and I really fell in LOVE their ‘earthy’ flavour.  I had to literally chase ‘the duster’ out of the kitchen, as he was sneakin’ a few too many taste tests!

We ended up making a pretty big batch, but ‘we’ (yes, I admit I was fully guilty here too)  kept eating them along the way, as I mentioned.  So addictive and delicious.  All that was left, when it came time for the blog photo, is what you see in the picture.  Hehe.  I have suggested this a couple times now, but if you do not yet own a madoline slicer, go grab.  They aren’t super expensive, but really are a time and energy saver for sure!  Also, when making different veggie chips, they are a big player in ensuring that the slices cook much more evenly.  Each chip ends up being the same-ish thickness.

beet chips
snack, appetizer
  • yellow golden beets - unpeeled (can use other varieties as well) - quantity varies depending on size of batch you wish to make
  • coconut or olive oil
  • coarse sea salt and ground pepper
  • assorted spices and herbs, as desired
  1. scrub beets thoroughly
  2. use a mandoline to evenly slice the beets
  3. put them in a bowl and coat with coconut or olive oil/spices
  4. use hands to make sure everything is all mixed together and all sides are coated well
  5. take some parchment paper and line a baking sheet
  6. place the sliced beets on the baking sheet in a single layer, making sure they are not overlapping
  7. heat oven to 250-300 degrees
  8. place the beets in the oven and cook until golden brown and crispy!
  9. note - you really do need to keep a close eye on them, as they can burn in no time
  10. use thongs to flip them every 10 minutes or so
  11. when fully baked, remove them from the oven and allow to cool on another piece of parchment paper or a wire rack (helps in getting the 'crispy effect' to it's fullest!)
  12. enjoy!
When we made these, we did 3 different flavours. They were plain (sea salt and pepper), chili spice and rosemary. All so yum! To top of this fab snack, we dipped them in some homemade guacamole! Again, this is one of those recipes that is just WAY too simple and tasty not to make. Play around and invent your own fancy flavs for your fam to enjoy. A guaranteed hit...and awesome party snack!

sweet potato chips

Sweet or salty?  What have you found most difficult to give up since ‘going Paleo?’   For me…it’s CHIPS!  Oh dear potato chips…how I love thee, but hate thee at the same time.  You are so savoury on the palette, but make me feel like complete $hit after I have devoured you!  As I have mentioned before, I am really not much of a sweet tooth gal in the least, but hold any craving for that sodium filled crickly bag.  Yes, you guessed it ~ Ruffles chips, good ol’ Miss Vickie’s, or any other kind of chip for that matter.  In the moment, they are so delicious.  I have even caught myself fully licking the seasoning off them (secretly hoping that no one is looking).  Afterwards, is a completely different story.  Don’t chuckle too hard…I know you have all done that, or even worse, strategically ‘cherry picked’ through the bowl of chips to find the ones completely caked in the most seasoning!

When I do get that craving, which isn’t really all that often, I say to myself, there must be an alternative that is equally as satisfying.  Aside from the obvious convenience of just walking into the nearest variety store, choosing your flavour and paying at the counter; this “homemade” version isn’t that much more complex.  This snack is simple and in my opinion WAY more delectable!  I am not even kidding…I have made many batches of these, consisting of different flavours and literally have had a hard time keeping them in the bowl for long, because they are so damn tasty!

Tip~ think of your biggest vice…how can you “paleo-ize” it, or make something in YOUR kitchen that is similar, yet TONS yummier and way more nutritious!?!  It’s totally doable, but just might take a little more thought.  Get thinkin’…experiment a little…

sweet potato chips
appetizer, snack
  • coconut oil - I used Bali's Sun
  • 3 large sweet potatoes or more (depending on size of batch you want to make)
  • coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
  • other spices/herbs - cinnamon, rosemary, cumin, cayenne, curry etc...(you get the idea!)
  1. wash and peel (preferable - I forgot!) the sweet potatoes
  2. thinly slice the sweet potatoes as evenly as possible - I used a mandoline slicer (seriously one of the best inventions and most solid purchases that I have made for the kitchen yet...love this thing!)
  3. use a silicone brush to coat the baking sheet with coconut oil
  4. continue by brushing the sliced sweet potatoes with more coconut oil (be fairly generous here)
  5. bake in the oven @ 350 for 30 minutes, turning regularly (time may vary slightly depending on oven)
  6. they are ready once they turn golden brown
  7. let cool for 10-15 minutes on a wire rack (this helps to make them more crispy)
  8. enjoy!

Haven’t tried using coconut oil?  Try it!  It will change your life…believe me.  Subtle, yet a hint of flavour.  Ability to sustain high heat while cooking.  Overall…amazing!  Love it…love it…love it! 

Also, if you don’t yet own a madoline slicer, I would highly recommend getting one.  It really does make slicing and dicing much easier!  I have two.  The basic one I have is the OXO Hand-Held Mandonline Slicer and the more complex (fancier) one I have is the Borner Germany V-Slicer Plus Mandoline .  Both of them are fabulous!