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snacky(ish) ideas

I was inspired to write this post after meeting and chatting with a new friend of ours from the gym this past weekend. We were out spectating at The Threshold Open Competition, which was hosted by CrossFit Toronto on Saturday…and got gabbing. He asked me…’What kind of Paleo type snacks do you usually eat?’ I […]

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50 reasons…

I few weeks ago…I came home to a UPS sticky note on my door. Missed delivery it said. Hmmmmm….what oh what could it be? (‘What have you bought now?’, asks my husband…’nothing’, I replied). At this point, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was…but was ecstatic that is was something other than bills. HA!  So…the […]

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bacon-wrapped chicken thighs

Okay…so who doesn’t love pretty much anything bacon-wrapped?!  If you don’t then we probably aren’t friends and never will be…and you should stop reading this blog right now!  (Just kidding (not really)  Anyhoo…we are def bacon lovers over here.   Having said that…I am not a huge fan or promoter of eating crappy quality bacon. […]

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spicy taro chips

Happy day of birth!!! I can’t believe it…how quickly the time has flown by…PALEOdISH is 2 years young today! What started out as random postings of pics of facebook…has turned into a full-on passion that I am so happy to share with many through my website.  I just got in from being out while enjoying […]

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akuri (spicy scrambled eggs)

I woke up Sunday morning…to a sweet ping on my blackberry.  Yes…okay…it was nearly 11:00 am…and maybe we should have been up and at it, but we were still fully nestled under the sheets!  After all, many of you folks know how much we love our sleep around these parts.  Sleep-ins on the week-end are […]

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garlic & ginger baby bok choi

Sooooooo…as many of you may know, we are pretty much hooked on our Saturday morning routine of grabbing an Americano, swinging over to Brickworks Farmer’s Market…then over to T & T (Asian Market)…home to drop of all the goodies and finally out for breakfast.  Such a relaxing and chill way to start the weekend.  Ahhhhhhh…I […]

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